Date:June 30, 2014

Chrysalis – WordPress Theme Framework

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Chrysalis - WordPress Theme Framework

A step towards freedom on the web

Chrysalis – WordPress Theme Framework represents a lifelong ambition to make the web easier and more flexible. The layout you see above can be changed entirely. See Chrysalis as a template to produced awesome sites with more ability to change in the future.

6 layouts

Choose from 6 layouts on any page. This makes your site much more flexible than other themes. The possibilities are limitless.

9 Widget Enabled Areas

Think you’ve seen enough flexibility with the layout options, think again! Chrysalis also has a total of 9 widget enabled areas so you can have those widget areas you’ve always wanted! 

6 Page Templates

A few extra options to give your site more functionality. Templates included are Authors, Masonary, Sitemap and Widgetized Homepage .

10 Colors

A choice of 10 color schemes white, off black and pastels. Beautiful color schemes to help your site shine.


Structured to give your site the best chance on search engine ranking. NOTE: the breadcrumb acts as the h1. 


All brightmist themes are responsive so you’ve no need to worry about making your site scalable for many devices.


With this handy feature for speedy site build you have lots of choices and with the benefit of only pressing the publish when you’re happy with your changes

Custom Fonts

Customize your typography with a choice of 13 fonts for Headings and body copy.

Step by step tutorials

For both beginners and advanced users BrightMist offers lots of support to help you get your site off the ground running in a shorter time 

Fast loading

Compressed CSS to make your site load as fast as possible. This helps google to rank your site higher in its search and mobile phones load your site faster on the go.

Power to WordPress

Developed to make the most out of functionality already built into WordPress and enhanced to add more easy options. Helping you develop your site in less time easier

Saving Time

Build your own website in less than a day. BrightMist themes make putting together a simple flexible website ten time easier.

Premade Chrysalis Responsive WordPress ThemePremade Chrysalis Responsive WordPress Theme