Date:January 01, 2014

GRIDFOLIO Responsive WordPress Blogfolio

Premade Gridfolio Responsive WordPress Theme - Instant Download - Website and Blog Template

Designed for Writers and Bloggers alike

GridFolio is a Grid Layout Twenty Twelve WordPress Theme. Adapts to any device. Simply add featured images to your posts and click through to the standard blog layout. Post Formats for flexible blogging, Extra page template included for a custom page of posts category. A dark theme is also included if you change your mood. Make almost any page your homepage!

Theme Options Panel

Change your theme from dark to light in two clicks. Choose your own link colors. Layout Options: Pick which side you’d like your sidebar to appear on. Choose whether you’d like your blog to show excerpts or full posts.

Optimized for iPad, iPhone and Android

Beautifully responsive and optimized across mobile devices. Show off your gallery posts in the best light and let your customers get the best experience.

Automatic Gallery Post Thumbnails

Upload your images once as featured images for your blog posts and watch them automatically fit to the gallery template. Don’t worry about cropping or duplicating them as WordPress does the rest. NOTE: Use either Portrait or Landscape for individual category pages. (Do not use both on the same page or it will break the responsive effect!) Also images must be consistent in width and height to the pixel!

Custom Page Templates

1. Full width pages (no sidebar)
2. Showcase Front Page with two footer widget areas and
3.Page of Featured Gallery Posts (show two or more categories on one page)
4. Page of Featured Gallery Posts with the option for a slideshow

Beautifully Responsive

No need to create separate sites for different devices as this theme works on any device seamlessly.

Upload Your Own Logo

Upload your own logo with a click of a button. Don’t have one? Use the standard built in text option instead.

Extra Widget Enabled Areas

As well as a fully enabled sidebar section you also get extra widget areas in the header (right) and three footer widgets.

Built in SEO Support

No need to worry about optimizing your site for seo as ‘twenty twelve’ has it all built into the theme. All you have to do is submit your url to google.

Change the Colors

Not keen on the light or dark color schemes. Change your site colors and background with the Customize option.

Blog Post Formats

For when you want to use custom post formats for the standard blog layout there’s a nice clean style to suit for each one

Wider Max width for laptops

Make your site stand out with a slightly wider max width specifically with laptops in mind. Don’t worry about smaller devices as being responsive it with still scale down automatically.

Drop Down Menus

Easily build dropdown menus with lots of content for your site. Custom Menus are easy to build with no coding knowledge.

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