Date:February 01, 2014

Latte Responsive WordPress Blog

Premade Latte Responsive WordPress Theme - Instant Download - Website and Blog Template

Coffee inspired theme for those special moments

Imagine relaxing in a cosy cafe at Christmas. Snow is falling outside and the winter lights are glistening beneath the cold endless blackness of the night sky.  You look down and a perfectly sized cup of creamy Latte is placed delicately on the table by a charming waiter. You’ve discovered something that needs to be captured and shared with the world.

Find your perfect feeling with the WordPress Theme ‘Latte’ and make it count. Latte adapts to any device so your friends can admire your blog anywhere. Also supports WordPress gallery options so you can show of your photos to their best.

Custom Illustrated Profile Image

Beautiful Illustrated ornate mask to pop your profile image in

Featured Images

Featured Images must have a minimum width of 640px to display properly.

White Navigation Background

Frames your navigation area to highlight the most important part of your site

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