What shoes to wear in summer in Italy

What footwear to take on holiday can always pose a dilemma especially when you are off on a touring holiday. My advice is pack light and pack sensible. You may be thinking I’ll where those heels at and evening meal out. Honestly you really won’t! After all if you’ve been out trekking all day that comfy pair of extra shoes will look far more attractive when your feet need a break from your walking shoes.

The more support on your feet the better you will feel.

1. Sketchers – My comfy pair of pre worn sketchers with a soft memory foam insole.
2. Shoe Tailor – pretty soft fabric sole sandals for easy packing flat with a thick sole for every day wear.
3. And finally those solid trekking Gola trainers (I chose breathable sandal style) with an option to wear a sock inside.

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